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1-Become a Mangaka!(At least one book published hopefully).Asuna Praying Icon 
2-Become an awesome runner(Aiming to get top 15, in next years race).Seto Kousuke (Runs away) [10] 
3-Visit Arabia, with family(Because my parents have always wanted to go there with us)Mikasa Ackerman (Blush) [V1] 
4-Visit/stay in Japan, (Otaku me..)Chiyo Excited Icon 
5-Get good grades A*,A .C or B in all subjects(no sweat).Rei Ryuugazaki (Cool Glasses) [V1] 
6-Get a black belt in Karate.(A working progress..)Kuvira Metalbending 
7-Visit/stay in Malaysia (sounds like a beautiful Muslim country).Ene (Smile) [V7] 
8-Become a champion boxer(no actually just a decent one or a baseball player... both still a working progress).Yato as Hiyori Confused Icon 
9-Need a decent job (e.g-doctor,teacher for parents sake and so I don't run out of money in the future)Mirai Kuriyama (Complaining) [V1] 
10-Learn Kendo!! (Don't really think will happen, don't know when or where)????Kengo Miyazawa (Kendo Swings) [V1] 
Rin and Kud (Shocked) [V5] Forgot-Before visiting other countries I have to learn there language!!